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The New iOS 7 Design Is Not Quite What Was Expected

Over the past few days you must have been asked at least once what you think of the new iOS 7 design. Chances are, like most of us, you were not that impressed. There’s something off with this new design and it’s obviously not quite what was expected. It feels like something is missing, and many graphic designers and users concluded they’re not exactly big fans of Apple’s iOS icon redesign.

Debuted at the World Wide Developers Conference in San Francisco just a few days ago, iOS 7 is already stirring some controversy. The main reason is the significant visual change designer Jony Ive has created for Apple’s newest iOS version. Reviewers, fellow designs and users have been having mixed feelings about the iOS 7 design, one that is considerably more practical than before but yet visibly different in a way many aren’t easily taking aback by.

“It freaks me out how much iOS looks like nail art Tumblrs” reads a tweet by Frank Chimero, designer and illustrator. “I’m not a fan of how iOS looks right now, but I have hope for its future. iOS has one thing that can’t be denied: it lacks nuance, but it has courage” the designer eventually concluded. And several other artists have had the same conclusion. Reputable typographic designer Jason Santa Maria agrees the “Multitasking, tabs, Control Center, AirDrop and general interactions are looking fantastic in iOS 7. But wow, the ugly stick”.

Aesthetics is a huge concern when it comes to selling a smartphone, and whereas the design allows for more practical solutions, change doesn’t often sit well with buyers interested in getting the branded experience. So whereas iOS 7’s more practical design features are definitely going to make for a more hassle-free experience, the visuals are something users are going to have to get used to. Or hope that iOS 7.1 will fix that.

One Day Left Before the Auxo Jailbreak Tweak Release for iPad

Auxo, one of the best jailbreak tweaks of 2012, is set for the iPad release by the start of the weekend In fact, if you’ve been waiting a long time for Auxo, there’s just one more day left before you will be able to download and install it on your jailbroken iPad.

Along with Blutrol, SwipeBack and AssistantLove, Auxo is one of the best jailbreak tweaks of last year, winning iDownloadBlog’s appreciation and gaining quite the reputation. It’s been some time, almost a year, since the Top Jailbreak Tweaks of 2012 announced jailbreakers Auxo was at the top of the list with a performance “universally praised for its excellence”. The long wait is finally over, with just a few days left before the Auxo iPad release.

The release date for Auxo for iPad has been announced via the official website ( and is set for 06.06.2013. A tweet from the Auxo developer spread the good news by the end of May: “Thank you all for your patience, the wait is almost over! Auxo for iPAd”.

If you’re new to the jailbreak scene or aren’t familiar with Auxo, better start reading a review, because this is a tweak that iDownloadBlog referred to as being the tweak that “completely reinvigorates the iOS app switcher”. The iOS app switcher tweak makes it easier and faster to remove apps from the switcher by swiping down or by shutting down multiple apps at the same time using your fingers. Yes, it allows you to use your fingers not your finger to handle apps in the switcher.

Since you might just lose it with all that new functionality, if there’s a background app running, like your listening to music, Auxo will ask you if you really meant to shut that down too. And since we’re talking about music, Auxo has actually revamped the experience, giving you more information in the app switcher, such as song title, artist name and album title.

2013’s Top 3 iPad Bluetooth Keyboards

If you spend a lot of time web browsing, social networking or blogging, your iPad needs a keyboard, particularly when you’re travelling. We’ve put together a top of the 3 iPad bluetooth keyboards 2013 has seen so far. The top is based on consumer feedback, other reviewers’ recommendations and our own experience with searching for the best such product. Remember though that each keyboard performs differently when it comes to selecting the one that matches best your needs, budget and appeal for design.

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover

This is a product that caught our eye before. The Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard cover for iPad has been receiving raving reviews; some going as far as calling it the perfect match for Apple’s tablet. For $90.80 (on Amazon) you can buy the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard cover and get seamless design, magnetic clip, portrait or landscape viewing angles, a black theme that looks quite similar to Apple’s aesthetics and an instant on/off feature.

ZAGGfolio Keyboard Case

Here’s another product that’s been getting raving reviews. It’s not as good-looking as Logitech’s Ultrathin Keyboard cover for iPad, but it allows for fast and accurate typing, as well as a comfortable experience. Same as the first one, it allows two viewing angles (landscape or portrait) and it is compatible with iPad 2 and iPad 3 too. Made from polyurethane in the exterior, and microfiber lining in the interior, the ZAGGfolio will set you back $129.00 if bought directly from ZAGG or $89.00 from Amazon.

QQ-Tech Detachable Bluetooth ABS Keyboard Case

If we’re talking about selecting a nice-looking keyboard case for your iPad, when it comes to texture and fine design, the QQ-Tech Detachable Bluetooth ABS Keyboard Case is a top product. Instead of being made from rough silicone, this one uses premium-quality ABS material and keeps everything super slim and light weight. The case is made from leather in the exterior and is available for $29.99 (on Amazon) in three colors red, black and white. There’s still room for improvement, but the price convinced us it is a keyboard case you should try.

Transform Your iPad Mini Into a Submersible with LifeProof’s Frē Case

LifeProof has decided to release a water-proof case for your iPad Mini to make sure you are all ready to go for underwater photography. The LifeProof Frē case will transform your iPad Mini into a submersible for one hour to up to 2 meters deep.

Following the raving success the Frē iPhone 5 case has had with Apple fans, LifeProof designed one for Apple’s 7.9 inch tablet too. Frē for iPad Mini is lightweight, waterproof, dirtproof, snowproof and shockproof and will start selling as of June, just in time for your summer adventures. 

“Our customers love the freedom that LifeProof gives them to take their device anywhere without concern. They have been asking us for a case for the iPad Mini, and we’re pleased to offer the slimmest fully protective tablet case on the market” explains Gary Rayner, CEO of LifeProof in a press release issued just a few days ago. “As with all of our products, we carefully designed, built and tested the case for the iPad Mini to LifeProof’s standards for high quality and exceptional reliability” he adds. 

The nice thing about LifeProof’s Frē for iPad Mini is that the case features covers for all the tablet’s ports, sealing it tight without impacting the overall user functionality. You still get access to the tablet’s Lightning connector and headphone jack, without taking it out from the case and without risking exposure to damaging external factors. And thanks to that you can use your iPad Mini underwater while listening to music or watching a video.

The Frē case for iPad Mini is set to be released this June, in two color themes (black or white) for $99.99. The price includes a tethered headphone jack cover and a shoulder strap that is removable. The company also prepared a set of accessories for the iPad Mini case, such as a floating LifeJacket ($59.99), a portfolio cover ($39.99) and a mounting cradle ($49.99).

Burj Al Arab Hotel Has Gold iPads in Every Room

Here’s an opportunity to show the whole world how much of an Apple fan you really are. The Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai has gold iPads in every room prepared for clients’ luxurious experience of Apple’s tablet.

Brand association is a great way of boosting your company’s image, and when it comes to premium-tech, 24-karat rose-gold and a luxury hotel, this is bound to be a successful marketing strategy. And it works both for the client’s and companies’ well-being, although a lot might argue that a 24-karat gold iPad is not enough of an incentive to pay an arm and a leg for a room at the majestic Burj Al Arab. But this is the kind of selling pitch that pertains considerably to those that are so wealthy they literally have no idea how to spend their money. Just look for “The Rich Kids of Instagram” and you’ll see what I mean by that.

“The Gold & Co. London 24-carat gold iPad is the ultimate in luxury accessories, hence we wanted it to be paired with Burj Al Arab, the world’s most luxurious hotel” explains Arnjad Ali, CEO of Gold & Co. London. “The symmetry is obvious, as both the gold iPad and the hotel are unique in terms of extraordinary quality and design” he added.

The gold iPads have both the Apple and the Burj Al Arab logos engraved on the back panel and are meant to act as "virtual concierges". These feature an Interactive Customer Experience software that provides the client with info on hotel services and entertainment opportunities.

It’s also a great way of getting the gold iPad right under the targeted client’s nose. Although considerably expensive for your average iPad owner, more and more jewelry designers turn to tablet and smartphone customization, using gold, diamonds and rubies to customize and add significant value to devices that sell for less than $1000. For Gold & Co. London, having its gold iPads in Dubai’s Burj Al Arab is definitely a great marketing scheme, seeing as its customized products include a gold iPad mini, gold iPad, gold iPhone 5 and gold BlackBerry Q10.