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From the user’s point of view the lack of an untethered jailbreak for iPad mini, iPhone 5, 4S and iOS 6 jailbreak makes ripping the full benefits of a great device almost impossible. Hackers with reputable jailbreak developers have been working on and off for the past few months trying to find a new source of exploits in A5 devices to jailbreak iOS 6.
jailbreak ipad 2, 3, 4 untethered software
So far, besides a beta iOS 6 jailbreak release for developers and several progress announcements via Twitter, the public code release date remains unknown. in partnership with Ironclad Ltd and popular expert developers working for the first time as a team have started a jailbreak software development project at the beginning of the year. Experts currently working on the project have been working on jailbreaking iOS 6 on A5 devices since Day 1, but they have decided it would be better to join efforts and brains and solve this puzzle as soon as possible. They’d rather remain unknown to our readers at least until the public jailbreak code will be released.

We’re sure you have a lot of questions and the creative team handling the website content and readers’ questions will try to answer as fast as possible. In the meanwhile, don’t forget to keep current with the JailbreakiPadiOS project progress and before anything read the following Q&A we have received already:

Where do I find news about the iPad iOS 6 jailbreak development project?

Whether you are an iPad/iPhone owner or a jailbreak developer you can keep current with our team’s progress via the News and Announcements sections.

When will Beta Testing be available and how can I join?

We’ve been receiving a lot of requests from users who want to join iOS 6 jailbreak beta testing. Our experts are looking forward to start beta testing with at least 1000 iPad and another 1000 iPhone users and if you want to help them figure out potential bugs before the official release, just follow JailbreakiPadiOS via the Google Friend Connect app in the right side bar or add Sam Nook to your Google+ circles. We will contact you.

When will you release the public jailbreak code for iPad iOS 6?

For the moment we can only confirm we have a team developing a jailbreak tool for iOS 6 for iPad 2,3,4. The public release will be announced via all media outlets, the website’s News section and our Google+ account.

How much will the jailbreak cost?

Nothing. The jailbreak tool for iPad running iOS 6 will be released for public download via our website for free!

Tethered or untethered?

Beta jailbreak version will be available both in tethered and untethered version by the end February.


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